Tuesday, February 1, 2011

what you gona do when they come for you arbites arbites

As  anyone who has taken a good look at the witch hunters book will know there stormtroopers can ditch there hellguns in favor of shotties thus becoming Arbites
Mine here are maid out of Necromunda Enforcers i went for a lighter blue than is the norm most go for an almost black armour.  the cloth is green just to tie them in with the rest of the witch hunter force giving the army a cohesive feel and read weapons to make them stand out after i was done it dawned on me that this is very much like the Crmizon Fist scheme and I'm happy with it
fist Veteran Arbite

the two flamers for those extra taste crispy rouge witches

the boom sticks

and there cruiser, who needs a car when you can take a TANK

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