Monday, August 30, 2010

Splinters of Locara Tournament

Corry over at Game Summit is once again running a 40K campaign i missed the last one with all the crazy that was my home life last year but this time I'm in having cemented my spot in the kick off tournament i really wanted to use my xeno huntersl maid of a mix of Read Scorpion Space Marines with alied Witch hunters representing Inquisator loc and the D99 Elysans but alas

1. No Special Characters.
2. No Allies.
3. No Forgeworld rules without written permission from me.

1. I use a counts as Padro Cantor to make the Sternguard i use for the Death Watch Kill Team scoring, this is a knee jerk because Corry has a problem with Vulcan lists so he bans ALL Special Characters ok I can live without Cantor
2.well the army dosn't work without them again this is a knee jerk responce to ONE power build namely the Demon hunter inquisitor with two mystics so he bans allies in general making both hunter codex much weaker
3. what the hell dose everyone have against Forge World Rules it's a response to the one or two things that are stupid

the hole thing gets my goat unlike me most people don't own 8 armys but i digress i've desided to go with my guard and in response to Corry's attempts to curb the power gamers to make a fairly power gamer esk list

8th Macragge Imperial Guard Strike Team Gama


Company Command Squad 232pts
Carapace Armour; Medi-pack; Regimental Standard; Vox Caster; Flamer x1
4 Guardsmen
1 Company Commander Bolt Pistol, Power Fist, meltabomb
1 Astropath
2 Bodyguards
1 Officer of the Fleet

Fast Attack: 

Valkyrie Assault Carrier 140 pts
Multiple Rocket Pods x2; Heavy Bolter Sponsons x2

Vendetta Gunship 130 pts

Vendetta Gunship 130 pts


Veteran Squad 130 pts
9 Veterans Carapace Armour; Shotgun x6; Flamer x3; Grenadiers
1 Veteran Sergeant Carapace Armour; Shotgun; Power Fist

Veteran Squad 150 pts
9 Veteran Squad Demolition Charge; Melta Bombs; Shotgun x6; Meltagun x3; Demolitions
1 Veteran Sergeant Melta Bombs; Shotgun; Power Fist

Infantry Platoon 417 pts

Platoon Command Squad
Plasmagun x2
Heavy Weapons Team (Autocannon)

Platoon Commander Bolter

Chimera Pintle Heavy Stubber

Infantry Squads x3
9 Infantry Vox Caster; Grenade Launcher x1 Missal Launcher x1
1 Commissar (Power Weapon)
1 Sergeant
9 Infantry Vox Caster; Grenade Launcher x1 Missal Launcher x1
1 Sergeant9 Infantry  Vox Caster; Grenade Launcher x1 Missal Launcher x1
1 Sergeant

Heavy Support: 

Leman Russ Battle Tank 180 pts
Heavy Bolter Sponsons x2, Pintle Heavy Stubber

Total Roster Cost: 1499

The basic plan is for the Platoon and Russ to camp out on my side of the board wile the  two vet squads and the company command squad jump in the jets to go kick some ass comments welcome also almost all of this is painted just the 3 jets and a squad of vets that should be done by wensday so i can take this into the Games Workshop at bayshore for 40k night

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Monday, August 23, 2010

painting in progress

it's been a rough two weeks at work so not much hobby time until today when i got some work done on the big cheese

the base is done and I'm very happy with it, his armor is 90% done just one last highlight and the rest is just basecoted

Monday, August 9, 2010

Na na na na LEADER na na na na LEADER

Today for your viewing pleasure i have the Leaders of my admech force my Magos on Jetbike and my Techno Mage
The Techno Mage is the Mago from the old Skulls admech nothing converted as i refuse to take a saw to anything that hard to replace

This being a special model i tried to give it a worthy base i maid use of my 3 basing staples
  1. cities of death buildings sections attacked with a pair of clippers
  2. resin bits form Games Workshops many basing kits
  3. slate bits from the above mentioned kits
this combo makes for a damed cool base

Next we have the Mago
the unholley combination of the Master of the Ravenwing on Jetbike and a Tech Marine
in the last pick you can see that rather than keep the basic legs form the MotR i took a hobby saw to the tech marine and used his legs!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

The big guy on the throne

Hay all i decided to toss my hat in the ring for the monthly painting competition over at the Game Summit Forum this month there doing "ANYTHING that is supose to be on a Terminator Size base.!" so I'm doing this
yes that is in fact the Immortal Emperor of Mankind it's from the Heresy Fever range one of thous "send some guy in eastern Europe £25 and hope for the best" deals they don't have a website for obvious reasons but do have a Photo Bucket Account where you can see all the awesome sculpts they've done of the Primarchs. I got the model over a year ago and even painted it once sadly it was on a wall shelf that i had left a toolbox full of models on and the hole thing hit the floor! so striped and back to the beginning. just waiting for the primer to dry and I'm off

It came form the forgeworld!!!

Today i bring you my Techno Monstrosity

The inspiration for the piece came from the Inquisitor rule book there are some nice shots of a crazed combat severtor in the full color plates in the middle you know all the pages that GW took out when they published the book online
once i removed the left leg (by no means an easy ting!) some mad orc mech boy impulse took over and i grafted on the leg from a sentential int it's place the left arm i used a Forge World dreadnought arm that i had from a misspack
The lascannon from the Valkyrie along with the power pack and weird binocular things from the sentential kit make the right arm into a fearsome weapon i then finished it off with an ogrer head and the engin fron the sentential kit (there's almost as much sentential as giant in this thing!) many tech looking bits as i could glue onto it
the base is maid up of a wale section form the manafatorum kit that i viciously attacked with a pair of clippers some slate chips from one of GW's basing kits and a styrene i beam

next time my Magos

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A Picture is worth 1000 words

It all started with the Skitarii

The "Exarch" is a standard tech priest with his servo arm cut off and the dish form the SM vehicle frame in it's place
The Skitarii are more complex the gun is a cadian lasgun grafted onto a cadian flamer, A standard cadian body glued on top of high elf skirt i took the high elf legs off and glued on cadian boots to get rid of the puffy pants! add a back pack form the karskin box and a hooded head form the raven wing frame, a few necron arms and legs, and you have a relay cook looking warrior of the Omnisha

The army of the red planet

It was about a year ago when i started this army i plan to run them as counts as Eldar. I know I know it sounds weird think about it for half an hour it starts to make sense...

so first the army list I decided at some point that my secondary armies would be built to 2500pts.  Why 2500pts?  it's a good number to get you all the cool toys you want even though they won't all make it to the table every time and it won't brake the bank (when compared to the 14000pts of space marines i have)

AdMech Exployer Force


Techno Mage (Counts as Eldrad Ulthran)  210 pts
   Doom ; Eldritch Storm ; Fortune ; Guide ; Mind War ; Divination; Ghosthelm; Rune Armour; Runes of Warding; Runes of Witnessing; Spirit Stones; Shuriken Pistol; Witchblade; Staff of Ulthamar
Magos On Jetbike (Counts as Autarch)  140 pts
Forceshield; Mandiblaster; Eldar Jetbike; Laser Lance; Shuriken Pistol; Fusion Gun; TL Shuriken Catapults; Haywire Grenades; Plasma Grenades

Fast Attack:

As yet unnamed unit (Counts as Shining Spears) 217 pts
1 Shining Spears Exarch with  Star Lance and Shuriken Cannon
4 Shining Spears 


Skitarii Tank Hunters unit (Counts as Fire Dragons) 317 pts
1 Fire Dragon Exarch with Fusion Gun tank hunter
9 Fire Dragons
Wave Serpent Spirit Stones; TL Shuriken Catapults; TL Bright Lances


Skitarii Tactical Unit (Counts as Dire Avengers) 287 pts
1 Dire Avenger Exarch Bladestorm Power Weapon Shimmershield
9 Dire Avengers
1 Wave Serpent Spirit Stones TL Shuriken Catapults TL Shuriken Cannons

Skitarii Tactical Unit (Counts as Dire Avengers) 287 pts
1 Dire Avenger Exarch Bladestorm Power Weapon Shimmershield
9 Dire Avengers
1 Wave Serpent Spirit Stones TL Shuriken Catapults TL Shuriken Cannons

Servator Sight Guards (Counts as Guardian Defenders 142 pts
1 Warlock
14 Guardians
1 Weapon Platform (Shuriken Cannon)

Shock-a-roch Heavy Combat Servator (Counts as Wraithguard) 396 pts
1 Spiritseer (Warlock) Enhance
10 Wraithguard

Heavy Support:

Techno monstrosity (Counts as Wraithlord) 130 pts
1 Wraithlord Shuriken Catapult x2; Bright Lance

As yet unnamed (Counts as Fire Prism) 195 pts
1 Fire Prism Holo-Field; Spirit Stones; Star Engines; Vectored Engines; TL Shuriken Catapults; Prism Cannon

Total 2501pts

so ya 1 point over so what the list is more to match the models i want to build than anything else pictures to follow

....and in the begining...

testing 1...2...3...let there be blog!!

ok if your reading this then i managed to post onto the blog without ending the world hazah this is a spot for me to document my ever expanding collection of Warhammer 40k models keep me motivated and save me posting picks on 5 different forums

so stay tuned to this space