Monday, August 9, 2010

Na na na na LEADER na na na na LEADER

Today for your viewing pleasure i have the Leaders of my admech force my Magos on Jetbike and my Techno Mage
The Techno Mage is the Mago from the old Skulls admech nothing converted as i refuse to take a saw to anything that hard to replace

This being a special model i tried to give it a worthy base i maid use of my 3 basing staples
  1. cities of death buildings sections attacked with a pair of clippers
  2. resin bits form Games Workshops many basing kits
  3. slate bits from the above mentioned kits
this combo makes for a damed cool base

Next we have the Mago
the unholley combination of the Master of the Ravenwing on Jetbike and a Tech Marine
in the last pick you can see that rather than keep the basic legs form the MotR i took a hobby saw to the tech marine and used his legs!

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